About Team Zebra Multisport, LLC
Team Zebra Multisport, LLC. (Team Zebra) is a triathlon organization established in 2018 to offer triathletes along the Jersey shore something special. This active Jersey Shore Triathlon Group has interests beyond the traditional approach to triathlon's three disciplines. Incorporating fun and interesting ways to enjoy swimming, cycling, and running are key.  We operate with the goal of promoting health and wellness for all ages and skill levels through organizing best-in-class triathlon activities that enrich the quality of life and enhance economic well-being of shore communities.  Team Zebra hosts the USAT certified Lava Rocks!!! Sprint triathlon. Team Zebra receives financial support from corporate sponsors, individual donors, and event revenues.
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Survival of Harbor Island
Survival of Harbor Island!
Lying within the pristine waters of the Barnegat Bay are the Sedge Islands. Within those islands is their centerpiece, Harbor Island. These islands are steeped in rich history and lore of pirates, baymen and watermen alike. This history makes Harbor Island the ideal focal point for Team Zebra Multisport's Second Annual Survival of Harbor Island.
Survival of Harbor Island will test every fiber of your multisport endurance abilities. It will consist of a multistage, multisport point-to-point fitness challenge looping up from the southern point of the barrier island, (at Island Beach State Park) up through the middle of the barrier island and sedge islands ultimately finishing on the northern portion of the barrier island. Survivors will need to endure a ten stage challenge which will include ocean swimming, road biking, fat beach biking, bay swimming, running, and fitness hiking. Along the way, survivors will collect completion doubloons allowing them to advance through out the staged workout course. Collection of these tokens will not be easy, once again testing each survivor's workout skills and commitment. Ultimately, survivors will conquer this extremely challenging workout course.
A pirates party of epic proportions awaits those worthy of it, those who Survived Harbor Island!
Limited Registration.
Register Here
Splash & Dash
Brooklyn Avenue & Bay Blvd Lavallette NJ
.75 Mile Bay Swim, then jump into your running shoes and out on a 5k run on Bay Blvd. T3 to follow outdoors. Come on out and have some fun on a Tuesday Night with the Zebra Crew!!! You must be a Member to participate!
Team Zebra Ocean Water Swim Clinic
Here is a perfect opportunity to elevate your ocean swim skills and also participate in a great open water ocean swim. Participants will receive a valuable educational informational packet via download to review prior to the day's event. Topics covered include:
- How to correctly access, evaluate, and understand ocean conditions.
- How to use that knowledge to efficiently and safely enter and exit the water, as well as other techniques including the correct way to dolphin and duck dive.
- Other valuable techniques.
A brief overview of some key resources, the group will then implement the new techniques in an open water setting, with attention to individual assistance. If you want to gain some great insight on getting more comfortable in the ocean, this clinic is for you! Clinic will be followed by a well-marked 1/2 mile open ocean swim.
Register Here
Smithville Sixty: Fantastic Day of Riding on Freshly Paved Roads
Well, it was one for the books! What a fantastic day of riding. 

It was the inaugural ZRV adventure and it did not disappoint. Our rest stops offered just about any type of snack and nutrition you could imagine and some that you could not. Fresh pineapple? Yes, please. Clean, sanitary, and soooo many options. 
Highlights from Ridin' With the Jersey Devil
Historic, challenging, and fun.
What a great turnout.
"Runnin' with the Devil" Fat Bike/Mountain Bike event. We slid south into the pine barrens! And, boy oh boy was there action! We hit the south rim and trails of Double Trouble State Park! Puddles were optional! Snow and ice weren’t optimal but we all made it.
Getting wet, muddy, sloppy and Fat with the Zebras😁 (fun, sunny, slippery with puddles fatbike ride). One mystery remains how in the world did Joe Donahue stay upright while riding in these conditions using skiinny tires...how? Who knows?
This Week
6a - Bike,Swim

Ortley.. NJ
10a - Bike
runnin' with the devil
Wall NJ
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